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They are not mere ceramic. Rather they are made of Cement, Baby jelly and Sand along with synthetic oxides for the composition of tiles. The are cst from the locally available clay that is first burnt and then legalized. It is the combination of the base colors with typical conventional flora and line drawing designs that sets them apart from the modern versions in the market. Machine Polish is not needed for these tiles, manufactured in the early tones and configurations. It can be cleaned with husk initially.


Any connoisseur of antiques would swer by the traditional looks of Athangudi tiles, that come in the geometric and the floral designs. The colour, design and the size could be custom-made to suit your taste and d├ęcor. The tiles are generally used only for flooring. The specialties of these tiles are dark, earthy hues, black n white assemblage for borders.


These tiles can be maintained by cleaning with plain water. There are variety of designs and colours available. It can be customized too. These tiles naturally gets polished as per use. It cannot take heavy loads due to less compact layers.


A daily mop with few drops of oil is said to keep the sheen intact. It is cost effective too.

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